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Short Course – 4 Weeknights in-Class

This short course is the biofield tuning component from our Master Practitioners Diploma of Therapeutic Sound Medicine (Sound Therapy).  This course is accredited as CPD and is an add-on to existing skills and qualifications, not a sound therapy qualification on its own.

This training is for complementary therapists with existing qualification in energy healing (any modality).  May also be studied for personal interest and non-professional use.



For professional use: Introduction to Therapeutic Sound & Vibrational Healing, or equivalent work experience as an energy therapist in any modality.

Accreditation:  This short course is accredited as CPD (Continuing Professional Development) for those with an existing relevant qualification in complementary therapies.

Fee: €195

Includes:  Class workbook and Certificate of Completion.

Next dates: Contact us to schedule dates to suit you, with at least 6 weeks advance notice.

Topics will included: (but not limited to)


    • Contraindications when working with sound & vibrational healing and biofield tuning
    • How Sound & Vibrational Healing works

    • Biofield anatomy
    • Connecting to the universal life force
    • Creating sacred space
    • The power of intention
    • Ancient History of Sound & Vibrational healing
    • Vibrational Frequencies of the human body and their effect on health
    • The role of plasma and the Schumann resonance
    • The bio-chemical effects of tuning forks on the body
    • Understanding the human aura, including how to see the Aura
    • The effects of brainwave entrainment with sound frequencies
    • Binaural beats and their use in clinical practice
    • The Earth Sounds Brain Balance© with tuning forks
    • Tuning fork types and methods of activation
    • How to use the tuning fork both on and around the body.
    • Nervous system tuning with harmonic resonance

    • Diagnostic methods and bio-field evaluation techniques
    • The Earth Sounds© binaural brain balance
    • A  bio-field tuning self-balance including heart balance, third eye, nervous system and more
    • Introduction to accupressure with tuning forks, hands and feet.
    • A range of bio-field tuning techniques
    • Introduction to sound therapy with voice

    • Enhancing a biofield tuning session with colour and crystals

    • Supervised Clinical practice in-class

    • plus more.

Fee: €195


Includes: Class workbook and Certificate of Completion.

It is recommended (but not essential) that you purchase your own set of 2 binaural brain balance tuning forks to bring with you to class.  Cost about €120.   With advance notice tuning forks may also be supplied for purchase in-class.  On enrolment you will be provided with further details.