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Level 1 – Sat/Sun Feb 17th/18th 2024

at our Yoga of Sound Nature Retreat & Training Centre
Ballyhooly, North Co.Cork


This inspiring Level 1 Module is a pre-requisite module for each of our Diplomas, and is suitable for anybody with an interest in gaining a recognised qualification in sound therapy for use in a professional setting.  Discover how to work with therapeutic sound individually with clinical treatments, or in groups as a sound bath facilitator as an enhancement to meditation, health & wellbeing. 

May also studied by anyone with an interest in sound healing for personal interest.

You will discover:

  • The Ancient History of Sacred Sound Healing
  • The science of healing with sound as medicine
  • Proven benefits of healing with sound – including some of the latest discoveries in neuroscience
  • Anatomy & Physiology for Sound & Vibrational Energy Healing
  • Understanding Earth resonance and how it relates to our health and wellbeing.
  • The Role of Intention and the mind in healing
  • Connecting to Web of Life
  • Trusting Your Intuition
  • Introduction to playing techniques for a range of sound therapy instruments including Sacred gongs, Himalayan singing bowls, Crystal singing bowls, Kalimba, Chimes, Hang Drum/Handpan, Ocean Drum,  Frame Drum, Shaman drum and more.
  • How to select your own sound therapy instruments
  • Introduction to biofield tuning with tuning forks including the Earth Sounds© harmonic brain balance
  • The fundamentals of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Therapeutic Hypnosis
  • The 3 stages of Transformational Guided Meditation© (TGM)
  • How to use effective mind skills from hypnosis to supercharge your guided meditations.
  • The 3 Steps of Preparation for the Master Practitioner
  • The importance of sacred ceremony and ritual for healing
  • Common mistakes to avoid when working with clients in clinical practice
  • How to conduct single Himalayan bowl Clinical Treatments for Chakra Balance and Nervous System Reset
  • How to effectively and intuitively induce and maintain trance states required for deep meditation and self-healing
  • Common mistakes to avoid when working with Sound Therapy in groups
  • How to design & conduct transformational sound bath meditations with your choice of sound therapy instruments
  • Introduction to Vocal toning and therapeutic voice for healing including sacred mantras
  • Experience an Earth Sounds© sound journey/sound bath meditation
  • plus more

Completion of this inspiring 2-day Level 1 module will equip you with the foundation knowledge, confidence and skills you need to create & conduct sound bath & guided meditations, or to continue your studies and qualify as a Master Sound Therapy Practitioner.

On completion of this Level 1 module you will be eligible to study the following Diploma pathways:

  • Earth Sounds© Sound Therapy Master Practitioner’s Diploma & Advanced Diploma
  • Earth Sounds© Yoga of Sound Master Facilitator’s Diploma
  • iTransform© Nada Yoga Nidra Advanced Certificate


Can I Work with Paying Clients After my Level 1 Sound Therapy Training?

If you are a qualified Professional of any kind already working with paying clients, the answer is absolutely Yes.   Your legal obligations to paying clients will be discussed in detail during your Level 1 training.

As a workplace trainer I have designed & created this Level 1 module as accredited CPD (Continued professional development) to enhance your existing skills and qualifications.

You will receive a Certificate of Completion on completion of your Level 1 training so you can add the skills learned to your existing professional insurance.

However if you don’t already have a qualification to work with paying clients you will first need to complete either your Master Practitioners Diploma or other Professional qualification to work with paying clients, so you can obtain the insurance you need.

If you wish to continue your studies to Master Practitioner Diploma level, and you wish to work with paying clients in clinical practice once you are qualified, you are recommended to purchase a set of 3 Peter Hess therapy grade Himalayan singing bowls so you can complete your case study treatments after completing your Level 3 module.  

The recommended Peter Hess therapy grade Himalayan singing bowls can be purchased either in a set of 3, or individually as you need them.  You will need all 3 bowls to complete your case studies after you complete your Level 3 module.

If you don’t wish to work as a Sound Therapist in clinical practice, but instead wish to work with Sound Therapy in groups as an enhancement for meditation you may purchase cheaper meditation grade singing bowls of equivalent size and weight to complete your case studies – rather than more expensive therapy grade singing bowls.

Therapy Grade Singing Bowl for Level 1

The Peter Hess Universal Bowl is is the first therapy grade Himalayan singing bowl recommended for your Level 1 Practitioner studies.  This therapy grade Himalayan bowl is recommended for one-on-one Clinical Practice.

Available from Thomann online music store and also from Gandharva Loka World Music in Dublin. (Recommended) Surprisingly, Gandharva Loka usually always have the Peter Hess therapy grade bowls in stock and it’s always best to support local business.  While Thomann online music store are often sold out of exactly the singing bowl you need!

If buying from Gandharva Loka, remember to ask for your discount as a student of Irish Academy of Sound Therapy.

Himalayan Bowls for Levels 2 and 3

You are recommended to buy the following therapy grade Himalayan bowls for your Level 2 and 3 studies:

  • Peter Hess Heart Bowl
  • Peter Hess Pelvic Bowl

Sometimes the Universal, Heart and Pelvic bowls are available in a set of 3.  You will need all 3 bowls to complete your case studies after Level 3.

Peter Hess Therapy Grade
Universal Himalayan Singing Bowl

Approximate Size:

Diameter: 21-22cm diameter
Height: 8cm
Weight: 900-1000grams

Cheaper Meditation Grade Himalayan Bowls: If you plan on working with Sound Therapy in groups to enhance meditation and you don’t with to work with Sound Therapy clients one-on-one in Clinical Practice, you may choose to purchase a cheaper meditation grade Himalayan bowls of similar size and weight instead of the more expensive Therapy Grade Himalayan singing bowls.

Professional Accreditation

On enrolment in this Level 1 Module you will be eligible for student membership/registration with

Complementary & Natural Medicine Association (CNMA)
Sound Healing Therapists Association of Ireland (SHAI) and many other accreditation bodies.

On completion of your Diploma you will eligible for upgrade to full professional membership/registration