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Certified 1-Day Introduction to Sound & Vibrational Healing

A beginners workshop suitable for anyone with an interest in sound and energy healing for self healing or the treatment of others, no previous experience required.

Note: Existing practitioners (including yoga teachers) who are already familiar with the concepts introduced in this workshop may request exemption from this and go straight to Practitioner Level 1.

This module is the recommended pre-requisite knowledge for the following courses:

  • Earth Sounds© Practitioner’s Sound Therapy Diploma
  • Earth Sounds© Master Facilitator’s Sound Therapy Diploma
  • iTransform© Yoga Nidra Facilitators Diploma

In this inspiring 1-day workshop you will learn :

Energy & Vibrational Healing

History of Energy & Vibrational healing

Overview including the benefits and application of popular methods of energy and vibrational healing including:

  • Authentic Original Usui Reiki
  • How Usui Reiki became “Polluted” with other energies
  • Accupressure
  • Acupuncture
  • Kinesiology
  • Pranic Healing
  • Reflexology
  • Sound Healing / Sound Therapy

– The role of intention in energy and vibrational healing
– How to prepare yourself energetically for self-healing including grounding
– Preparing the healing space
– How to dispel negative energy from a room using a variety of methods
– Introduction to the Chakra system
– Introduction to the Meridian system
– How to create the sacred healing space.
– Introduction to the sacred science of healing with sound
– Connecting with the healing energy of the cosmos and the sacred sound stream.

Sound Healing and Sound Therapy

– Conduct an aura cleanse & balance using a single himalayan bowl and the Earth Sounds© method
– Tools and methods to enhance the outcome of your sound healing treatment
– Introduction to sound healing with voice using sacred mantra
– Learn how to balance the chakras with voice sound healing

Meditation for the Therapist

– Learn effective meditation techniques for the energy therapist
– Learn about the importance of setting your intention to achieve effective results
– How to connect to nature, plants and trees for Spirit soul healing
– Experience a tranquil Earth Sounds© sacred gong sound journey meditation to integrate the healing energies of the day

Plus more!

Includes class manual and Certificate of Completion.