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Level 2 – Sat/Sun April 6th/7th

at our Yoga of Sound Nature Retreat, Ballyhooly Co.Cork

also available on demand, on a date and time to suit you

2-Day Workshop

Pre-requisite:  MPST2 Sound Therapy Master Practitioner Level 1

This 2-day module is part 2 of our 3-part Master Practitioner’s Diploma.  On completion of this module you will receive a Foundation Certificate in Biofield Tuning, which is accredited as a CPD training (Continued Professional Development) for those with an existing Energy Healing qualification. 

Topics will included: (but not limited to)

  • Creating sacred healing space
  • Introducing the sound massage 3-bowl full body treatment
  • Enhancing clinical treatments with a variety of methods including tuning pipes, tuning forks and tingsha
  • Biofield tuning with tuning forks – foundational theory, application and practice
  • The Earth Sounds© binaural brain balance.
  • Enhancing a Sound Therapy clinical treatment with colour and crystals
  • Developing your confidence as a therapist
  • Sound healing with voice and connecting to the client’s soul song
  • More on working with the hypnotic trance state essential for profound self-healing
  • Supervised Clinical practice in-class
  • plus much more!

It is recommended that you purchase your Peter Hess heart bowl and pelvis bowl to complete your foundation set of 3 healing bowls to bring to class with you as you will need these bowls to complete your case studies on completion of Level 3.   If you don’t have your set of 3 Peter Hess bowls you can use a class set.

Your foundation set of 3 Peter Hess therapy bowls consists of 1: Universal bowl/joint bowl 2: Heart bowl (small or large) and 3: Pelvis bowl (small or large).

Peter Hess Bowls are available from Gandharva Loka Dublin and Thomann online music store.