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Teaching Philosophy

By Sharon Quigley

Natural Learning and the Psychology of Teaching

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As a Workplace Trainer and Mind Coach from Australia, throughout my teaching career I have embodied the education philosophy of the Indigenous Culture of my native country.   A philosophy which I call “Natural Learning”.

Natural Learning has many features, including teaching in a manner which nurtures the learner’s Spirit and confidence to succeed, without breaking their willingness to learn by holding them back with un-natural constraints and demands.

Natural Learning is a teaching style which places the needs of the learner at the centre of the learning environment, by providing an educational framework which is flexible and adaptable enough to allow the learner to flourish.

Features of Natural Learning found at Irish Academy of Sound Therapy Include:

  • Acknowledging that all learners are unique not only in their ability to learn, and speed in which they learn, but also in their training needs.
  • Allowing each learner to choose their learning path by providing a choice of study pathways commencing with the same Level 1 module.
  • Providing each learner with the opportunity to complete their studies at a pace which suits their needs and wishes, without any constraints or demands placed upon them which would hinder their Spirit and natural progress.
  • Never discriminating against those with different learning abilities by specifying a set time-frame for completion of their studies, just because that time-frame is what worked best for someone else

Natural Learning is also the teaching philosophy and education principles now so well documented within the emerging realms of Transpersonal Psychology.  Natural Learning is also the teaching philosophy made popular by Rudolf Steiner when he established the hugely successful Waldorf Schools.

6-day Diploma Fast-track

Many who request to train with me are already working intuitively with clients in their own busy clinic or holistic centre.

My 6-day fast-track mode of study is aimed at those who are already working with clients in Holistic Therapies, or who for any reason – have an above average ability to learn and master new skills fast.

Perhaps you are already an experienced in a fast-paced working environment where you are required to adapt quickly to changing circumstances and learn new skills fast.

Now don’t be expecting your Diploma certificate after the 6-days classroom intensive.  You can’t develop the competency required to work with clients in just 6 days.  You will still have some work to do – your training will be inspiring and lots of fun because that’s part of the “natural learning” philosophy too!  Once the classroom learning has concluded you’ll have case study treatments to complete in your own time.  From these you will gain so much more experience and so much confidence in your own abilities as an intuitive sound therapist.

Gradual Study Pathway

For those who prefer a more gradual approach to their learning for any reason, perhaps they are making a complete career change and are new to Holistic Therapies and/or who have otherwise never worked with clients, or perhaps they need to slow down the pace of their study to suit family and other commitments – may prefer to study their Diploma over the course of 6-9 months to a year or more.  I will not hesitate to recommend this study option to anyone in this situation..

At Irish Academy of Sound Therapy, I give you the choice to complete your studies as fast or as slowly as you need – without any constraints placed on you by what worked best for someone else.   The evidence shows how natural learning is by far what’s best for your Spirit.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for a no-obligation consultation to answer any questions you might have including to find out which mode of study will suit you the best.

Most who apply to train with us will choose to study by the gradual study pathway, completing each of the Diploma modules separately over a longer period of time to suit your wishes, no questions asked.

The maximum time-frame recommended for completion of your Diploma is 12 months, with extra time available on request.

Although most will either choose to study all Diploma levels within 12 months, you can request additional time if you need it.

Fast-Track for Working Professionals

On the other hand, if you are among those who prefer the fast pace of workplace training because you much prefer to learn new skills quickly – my 6-day Diploma fast-track may be the choice for you.  I know those who are drawn to this learning style will achieve their best results with the 6-day fast-track option.

This pathway is designed for professionals already working with clients, who may be teachers, or holistic health professionals of any kind, who wish to integrate sound & frequency medicine into their practice as soon as possible.  But is also suitable for anyone who prefers this method of study.

I created this study pathway with those in mind who (like myself) may be from a technical, scientific, medical, holistic therapies or teaching professional background, or other fast-paced professional role where critical thinking is part of every day. and for anyone who is drawn to this style of learning.

Whatever the reason, if you feel that the 6-day fast-track pathway is for you, I have created this option especially for you and others like you who much prefer to learn new skills quickly.  Your Diploma is awarded on completion of case study treatments which must be completed at your own pace, in the months after the training.

Currently the 6-day fast-track is held in August each year, and sometimes in November or December, depending on demand.

If you take longer than 12 months to complete your Diploma you are recommended to repeat earlier Levels to refresh your knowledge, which you can do free of charge.  This demonstrates the level of my commitment to you – my goal is to help you achieve your best potential as an intuitive sound therapist.

Schedule & Booking

See the Schedule & Booking page for details of currently requested & scheduled training which you can join if the dates suit you.   If you don’t see what you are looking for, just contact me with your request for your training on a date which suits your needs.

The majority of my 2-day teachings of Master Practitioner of Facilitator Levels 1, 2 and 3 either one-on-one or small groups.  This provides you with the ideal learning environment for you to learn at your own pace, giving you plenty of time to integrate the many new concepts and techniques and ask questions.

The majority of my 1-day workshops including Levels 4 and 5 Advanced Diploma modules are taught in-person in small groups.

My Yoga Nidra teacher Training is taught online via Zoom.









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