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I believe in an education philosophy which hails from indigenous Spiritual wisdom.  An education philosophy popularised in modern times by Rudolf Steiner, which I call “Natural Learning”.

The philosophy of “Natural Learning” is based on providing an environment for teaching in a manner which nurtures the learner’s Spirit and confidence to succeed, without any un-natural constraints holding them back.  This has many facets including acknowledging that all learners are unique not only in their learning abilities but also in their learning needs.

Natural learning is also about providing a flexible educational environment from which learners can flourish. Allowing each learner the opportunity to complete their studies at a pace which suits their needs and wishes, without any constraints or boundaries placed upon them which would hinder their natural progress.

This is even more especially relevant for workplace training, ie. training of adults to learn new workplace skills.  Where natural learning includes recognising the uniqueness of each learner by not discriminating against those with different levels of learning ability by specifying a set time-frame for completion of their studies, just because that time-frame is what worked best for someone else.

Many who apply to train with me are already working intuitively with clients in their own busy clinic or holistic centre.   My 6-day fast-track study option is aimed at experienced professionals who are highly adaptable and thrive on new challenges, and prefer to learn new skills fast because they are already working in fast-paced environment.

Or those who for any reason, have the confidence and exceptional ability to learn and master new skills fast.  For example a Software Engineer (like myself) or someone from another Engineering or Technical background, who is already a master of learning new skills fast may prefer to study all 3 Diploma Levels with our 6-day intensive study program, and complete their case study treatments within one month of their Level 3 training.

Those who are making a career change and are new to Holistic Therapies and/or who have never worked with their own clients, are recommended to study their Diploma over 6 months to a year.  This gives more time to process the learning and gain more practice, and master the expert skills and techniques to develop all the confidence you need to succeed as an intuitive sound therapist.

As a workplace trainer, I know how working Professionals of any kind who are already working in a fast-paced environment are more than capable of studying the 6 days of Diploma training consecutively to absorb the learning rapidly and complete their case studies at their own pace.   After all, I developed my 6-day fast track option with these high-achieving individuals in mind.

My goal as a workplace trainer is to give you the freedom and flexibility to choose the learning plan which works best for your abilities, needs and circumstances.

Indigenous wisdom and the evidence shows how natural learning is by far what’s best for your success – your success is my priority.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for a no-obligation consultation to answer any questions you might have.  Together we can develop a learning plan which best suits your goals.